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Fond - Kantarellfond - Chantarelle Stock
Fond - Kantarellfond - Chantarelle Stock
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Fond - Kantarellfond - Chantarelle Stock

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Bong Touch of Taste Chanterelle Stock gets its clear and fine taste from yellow chanterelles. The stock raises the taste of sauces, soups and stews with a taste of the forest's gold. Ideal for seasoning risotto or pasta dishes. Vegetable stock. Just drip in and taste.

Bong - Touch of Taste - 180 g


Delicious chanterelle sauce for meat & chicken

(Recipe to the dish in the picture)


400 g pre-cooked or frozen chanterelles
2 tbsp butter
1 yellow onion, finely chopped
2 - 3 tbsp conc. chanterelle fondant
1 tbsp Japanese soy (start with less and taste)
2 dl cream
4 dl creme fraiche
2 tbsp brandy (can be excluded)
a little white pepper
3 tbsp coarsely chopped thyme


Cut the largest chanterelles into smaller pieces. Fry them in a dry pan until they are thoroughly drained. Add a dollop of butter and fry the chanterelles for a few minutes, add the onion and let the chanterelles and onion fry completely together. The chanterelles should be slightly crispy.
Pour in the other ingredients and let everything cook until the sauce thickens. Whisk down the cognac and simmer.
Cut over some thyme.