SWEA Torontos Virtual Swedish Christmas Fair
SWEA Torontos Virtual Swedish Christmas Fair
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About SWEA


SWEA, the Swedish Women's Educational Association Inc., is a global nonprofit association for Swedes and Swedish-speaking women who live or have lived outside of Sweden. SWEA is both a meeting point and a network, with links all over the world that makes life abroad easier and provides support for emigration and return to Sweden. SWEA currently has about 6,500 members in 73 local branches in 34 countries on 5 continents.

SWEA's purpose is, among other things, to protect the Swedish language and to promote Swedish culture and traditions.  SWEA supports education through scholarships and various projects with a Swedish connection. 

SWEA is represented in many various areas throughout the world and is therefore an important part of the Swedish foreign affairs crisis plan. 

SWEA Toronto was founded in 1982, as the first SWEA department outside the United States.

SWEA Toronto has about 190 members. Most of our members live in and around Toronto, but some of us live as far away as Ottawa - where we have an active group, Sudbury and Barrie and even Sweden, Finland and the Azores.

We have several different interest groups such as SWEA Central, SWEA West Book Club, SWEA North, SWEA East, SWEA Professional, The Taste Buds, Knit & Drink, Christmas Market Committee, SWEA Care, SWEA Central Book Club, SWEA Art, The Culture Club, Film Club, Meditation with Ylva-Kristina and 'In the kitchen with Anna'. 

SWEA Toronto gives you the opportunity to meet new friends, and to celebrate Swedish traditions and we are there to support you through different stages of life. We are also at hand if you need advice or information about situations that arise when you live on two continents.

SWEA Toronto contributes approximately $ 30,000 in donations and scholarships each year. We support the Swedish Church, the Swedish School, the Folk Dancers and the Swedish Choir. We provide scholarships to Ontario students who have been accepted into Swedish universities ($ 20,000 - 2022). We promote Swedish-related cultural events in the area. We also collaborate with Business Sweden, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the Consulate, the Swedish Embassy and more.

Our biggest source of income is the popular Christmas market (Swedish Christmas Fair) that we have organized for 42 years. The Swedish Christmas Fair offers thousands of visitors Swedish food, other products and Swedish traditions, such as Lucia. Swedes and our friends in the area can enjoy the Swedish food and traditions and Canadians can experience Swedish culture.