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SWEA Torontos Virtual Swedish Christmas Fair
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Fond - Hummerfond - Lobster Stock
Fond - Hummerfond - Lobster Stock
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Fond - Hummerfond - Lobster Stock

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Bong Touch of Taste Lobster Stock gets its distinct taste from Norwegian lobster. The stock enhances the taste of seafood and is also used advantageously in fish grinds or when cooking fish or seafood. The lobster stock also fits perfectly in cold sauces and dressings. Just drip in and taste.

Bong - Touch of Taste - 180 g


Luxurious fish stew with saffron and shrimp 

(Dish in the picture) 



Peel the prawns and set aside to cool. Finely shred fennel and leeks. Peel and cut the carrot into thin slices. Peel and chop the garlic. Fry this in butter and saffron for a few minutes.

2. Add white wine, stock and water and bring to the boil. Stir in the crème fraiche.

3. Cut the fish into 3x3 cm pieces and simmer under a lid until almost done. Add the tomatoes and prawns and let them warm without boiling.

Feel free to garnish with dill.