SWEA Torontos Virtual Swedish Christmas Fair
SWEA Torontos Virtual Swedish Christmas Fair
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Barnhörnan - Children's Corner

Swedish School Toronto was founded in 1983, and aims to teach our language and culture to the next generation of Swedish Canadians.

Every year we offer uniquely Swedish crafts for kids to construct, as well as delicious homemade gingerbread dough for them to bake.  The crafts we offer change each year, and range from new and inventive Christmas decorations to traditional Swedish crafts that have been passed down for many generations.  We have something fun and creative for everyone!

All proceeds go towards funding the Swedish School in Toronto.




Fjällräven was born out of one man’s vision: a vision to make nature accessible to more people. Inspired by the rolling hills, deep forests and sheltered coastline of Örnsköldsvik in Sweden. Trekking through nature, going slowly, carrying everything you need on your back while enjoying every step, shouldn’t just be something for Swedes. Choose between different sizes, colours and materials- but still with the same iconic look as the classic from 1978.


Rubens Barn

Rubens Barn dolls hair, skin & clothes for are made with 100% certified organic cotton.The faces of the dolls are sculptured in soft fabric, for a more emotional and realistic look and to create a friend that would last a childhood of play. A child playing and interacting with a Rubens Barn doll develops their empathy to later become more understanding and sociable adults. One doll takes over 100 different steps by hand to create. Some dolls, Rubens tummies even have organic wheat from Sweden in their tummies for extra comfort when heated up.